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From dramatic chandeliers and perfectly considered wall lights to cordless rechargeable lamps that can be moved around spaces with ease, each piece by Northern Lights has been curated to form a complete collection of versatile, timeless lighting to transform and elevate any hospitality space across unlimited design styles.

Head of Creative and collection designer Donna Gridley brings her passion for art, sculpture and textures into the new AW22/23 Collection, and the team of master artisans work with with an impressive range of materials in these newly designed pieces. New designs demonstrate considered detailing in glass, metal and clay and new acid patinas. Hand sculptured and moulded ceramics feature unique textures and rich reactive glazes, whereas luxurious stone and alabaster offer an organic presence, as do the hand-turned wooden parts which can be finished in everything from Walnut to Wenge.
Free blown and mould blown glass are also utilised, whilst fabricated metals are subjected to a wide variety of truly unique finishes, all applied and controlled in-house.

The Reynard, Rathburn and Burlington collections celebrate the natural beauty of verdigris – a finish as unpredictable as the reactive glazes they use, and all the more covetable because of the uniqueness it brings to every piece. The Helios range of portable, rechargeable table lamps offer unlimited versatility, illuminating spaces without the usual constraints of wires and socket locations. The range was selected as a finalist in Best in British Product Design at The Brit List Awards 2022, and Northern Lights is showcasing more than ten completely new designs at HIX, including lights suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Suspended from the ceiling as a core focal point sits The Breuer – an impressive chandelier that instantly demands attention. Inspired by Brutalist architecture, this show-stopping piece with its raw, honest narrative displays layers of brass metal, specifically tiered to showcase the dramatic shapes, which are finished with alabaster strips. The metal is beautifully finished with hand-applied verdigris and illuminated with LEDs.

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