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7. Don’t Miss This Hidden Gem – Chocolate Lab

Sometimes a girl just needs chocolate. And sometimes a girl just needs a good cocktail. At Chocolate Lab – they have both! 

This small chocolate-centric restaurant and chocolate shop recently relocated to a cute little spot in the Hilltop Neighborhood. It is known for its craft cocktails – and yes – absolutely everything served there (drinks and food) has chocolate in it.  You’ve probably never considered chocolate and lasagna, but it’s incredible!  

Their cocktails are concoctions you won’t find anywhere else.  Beautifully balanced and boozy – half of the fun is watching the mixologist make them! How about a S’moretini (marshmallow vodka, chocolate, coffee, cream, and toasted marshmallow), or a Flaming Queen (Scotch, Rye, maple, blackberry, vermouth, and citrus)? 

They call it a lab because it does feel like a big chocolate science experiment. I never liked chemistry in school, but had I been able to experiment with chocolate in chemistry – I’m pretty sure I would have gone into science as a career! The décor is ‘lab-like’; they use beakers and various tubes that I barely remember from my high school chemistry class to mix drinks. Their food is quite experimental in nature. Tortellini with dark chocolate shavings that bring out the flavor, or bourbon chocolate BBQ sauce pulled pork. And don’t even get me started on the dessert menu – it is my ‘go-to’ place in Denver for dessert. 

You can go have an incredibly unique craft cocktail, dinner, decadent chocolate dessert, AND take home hand-made truffles from the Chocolate Lab – definitely a unique stop in Denver!

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