Style and Culture in Tokyo’s Shibuya

The Shibuya district of Japan’s capital metropolis, Tokyo, is the epitome of modernity, high style and speedy-paced residing. Vacationers heading right here for the initial time from their Tokyo hostels, on the other hand, need to be warned that it is really not for the faint-hearted.

But after site visitors get made use of to the organization feel of Shibuya which is characterised by the bustling, five-way scramble crossing at Hachiko Sq., they will be capable to see just why this neighborhood is so well known.


Tokyo’s style traits are a exceptional (and typically shocking) departure from the ordinary and for all those keen on discovering the recent heights of this quickly-transferring obsession, Shibuya’s Centre-Gai highway is the place to get started.

This slim, occupied street is situated in close proximity to the large movie screen in Hachiko Sq. and is complicated to skip. Lined with stores that are stocked with the most current style outfits and some bizarre styles, it truly is a well-known youth hangout and an outstanding position to soak up the area atmosphere.


Continuing with the concept of the ‘unusual,’ Shibuya is also residence to some quirky exhibitions. Arguably the most popular on the checklist of these unusual attractions is the Tobacco and Salt Museum, which (as you’d count on) specializes in the selection and review of all issues relevant to these substances.

Weird as it may well look, this is essentially a very intriguing assessment of the heritage of two cultural staples throughout the globe. The contrasting enhancement of Latin American using tobacco and Japanese tobacco patterns is of individual fascination.

One more museum (despite the fact that with some marketing overtones) is supplied treatment of the TEPCO Electrical Vitality Museum – TEPCO standing for the Tokyo Electric powered Power Business which has some exciting interactive displays.


Among the throng of Shibuya’s quickly-paced browsing and way of living, there are also some unlikely spots of tranquility which give a peaceful departure from the lively town and packed Tokyo hostels.

Highlights contain the forested Meiji Shrine, which is dedicated to the souls of earlier emperors, and the Shinjuku Gyoen Imperial Gardens.

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