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Australia is famous for its great acres of unspoiled land, of forests and deserts where animals and plants live their lives normally and naturally, undisturbed by human activity. This doesn’t mean that people have nowhere to go. On the contrary, there are many amazing cities in Australia where all self-respecting travelers dream of going to soon.

Perth belongs to this category since it has managed to escape the anonymity of a remote and faraway land; it is a vibrant city that people from all around the world have heard of and hope that they will visit someday.

Cruise on the Swan River

It is important to note from the start that Perth is a city where water is a crucial element and an ordinary sight. The Swan River passes through the large city and helps people relax and de-stress thanks to its vibrant sight and its natural sounds. It would be a totally cool idea to go on a cruise on the river. This way you will get to see the city from a different perspective and admire cool aspects of it such as the historically and commercially significant Fremantle Harbour or the Swan Valley.

Sunbathe and Swim on Beautiful Beaches

Perth is a coastal city, which means that it is partially surrounded by amazing beaches that are worth the time and the fuel in order to find and explore them. You should hire a car so that you can arrive at your summery destination in the most convenient manner. Enjoy Travel is the tool you need in order to find the best car based on both your travelling needs and your budget, and book it online. Then, you are ready to hit the road and discover Perth’s beaches. You should definitely visit Cottesloe, Port Beach, Como Beach and Rockingham Beach. Do you want to surf? In that case, the best destinations are Trigg Point and Scarborough Beach.

Learn Everything about Gold at the Perth Mint

Gold is a precious and valuable metal that has played a vital role in the economy of countries, business people and collectors. In the Perth Mint, you will get to learn how this precious metal was discovered in Australia, to see or even buy coins and bars of gold. You can even watch how gold is processed and shaped into bars. And the most spectacular thing of all? You can find out how much you weigh in gold!

The Bell Tower

One more fantastic attraction in Perth is the Bell Tower, or the Swan Bell Tower. On the outside, it looks like a modern spaceship that has landed in Barrack Square. However, it is a bell tower in which the traditional art of bell ringing is still practiced. You can book a tour so that you can learn the basics of this unique branch of music and even have a go at it yourself.

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