Northstar Ski Resort Package and Information

When deciding where you want to take your next ski vacation in California, Lake Tahoe is an excellent choice. Not only in is it close to major airports for easy access, it has a wide variety of breath taking scenery and of course great terrain for all you skiing and riding needs.

First off, some info on Northstar. It’s a year round resort located near the North Side of Lake Tahoe in Placer County, California about 200 miles from San Francisco, which can save you some money if you flying in. The resort itself is undergoing some renovations to keep it state of the art and stay on par with facilitates and services including a new variety of shops, restaurants, art galleries, boutiques, luxury lodgings and a amazing skating rink. The owners are sparing no expensive to liven up Northstar to rival world-class resorts such as Aspen and Vail. Northstar is well known for its backcountry runs and stellar alpine skiing making it a great destination for expert skiers.

As for some basic information on the Skiing available at Northstar the resort has a base elevation of 6,330 feet and a top elevation of 8,6610 feet. There are 92 ski runs that cover a respectable 2,904 acres of skiable terrain. The ski runs break down as follows: 27% advanced, 60% intermediate, and 13% beginners. So there is something for all level of experience riders and skiers. The longest run on the resort, Loggers Run is 1.4 miles. The area gets an annual snowfall of 350 inches a year so expect plenty of powder. The mountain has 19 ski lifts capable of transporting skiers to and from any part of the mountain they could wish to go. On a final note Northstar has the most largest snowmaking system of any resort in the area.

So take some time when deciding you next ski vacation and consider Northstar its got everything you could want in a world tier ski resort at reasonable prices.

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