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With shades of beige ranging from taupe to greige and every nuance in between, the natural palette is potentially perfect for bathrooms looking for some grounded luxury. Pattern and tone can take the shade from neutral to strong statement, and Hyperion Tiles works closely with designers, specifiers and architects to achieve a vision and make the transition from boring to bold.

“Unfairly maligned for being bland and boring, beige is a shade with plenty of character, ” asserts Richard Skeoch, Director, Hyperion Tiles. “Mixed through brown and white or white and yellow, it’s a warm colour which works well with natural materials, such as stone, clay or wood.”

bold beige and white tiles from Hyperion tiles in the bathroom

Image credit: Hyperion Tiles

Beige belongs to the neutral colour family but, importantly, it’s a neutral with plenty of character. It’s created through a mix of brown and white, or white and yellow. The Ca’ Pietra London Marble Mosaic tiles feature modern, 3D-illusion patterns that are pre-assembled on a mesh sheet, illustrate the benefits of beige perfectly. Lighter shades of beige are similar to cream, while darker shades are closer to tan or brown. Beige plays beautifully with other neutrals, but also contrasts brilliantly with a huge range of accent colours, from burnt orange to emerald green. Yet another benefit of beige? It suits both classic and contemporary bathroom schemes.

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Main image credit: Hyperion Tiles

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