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travel to Mauritania

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Learn how to get a visa, funds & prices, COVID-19 shuttle restrictions, cultural details, shifting round, how one can to find lodging, most sensible stories and extra. That is essentially the most complete and epic information for touring to Mauritania to be had on the web.

If I needed to say one reason why to discuss with Mauritania, I might say that few international locations on this planet really feel as uncooked.

Till the center of the 20 th century, when the French have been ruling the rustic, as much as 90% of all Mauritanians have been nonetheless wearing out a nomadic, pastoralist way of life.

That wasn’t a very long time in the past.

These days, many from that era are nonetheless alive, so their tribal gadget and standard lifestyles are totally visual, no longer best in far flung Sahara cities corresponding to Tidjikja, however even essentially the most cosmopolitan folks of Nouakchott will put on conventional garments and feature a haima deep into the wilderness as their moment place of dwelling.

Backpacking round Mauritania, touring just like the locals do, is the easiest way to witness the unspoiled Mauritanian way of life. In case you are fortunate, you’ll shuttle in an area pick-up loaded with camels, or goats within the worst-case situation, and taking a smash in a Bedouin camp the place you’ll be presented some zrig (fermented yogurt) is sort of assured.

In Tidjikja, I as soon as met a Mauritanian who had lived and labored in america for nearly 10 years. He made up our minds to go back to his fatherland and, with the entire cash he stored, he purchased tens of camels.

Like within the outdated occasions, that is the most efficient industry – he stated. He was once one of the most richest males on the town now.

After which there may be the wilderness. Mauritania is just about two times the dimensions of France, but not up to 5 million folks reside unfold throughout the ones intensive arid plains, most commonly composed of breathtaking wilderness landscapes, but to be explored via the typical traveler.

Mauritania was once at the approach of changing into a mass tourism vacation spot (relatively-speaking) however unlucky occasions associated with the war with the Sahel put an finish to the trade.

Alternatively, Mauritania continues to be there, watching for to be found out via the rawest adventurers.

Search for the entire puts to discuss with? Take a look at my 2-week itinerary for Mauritania

Mauritania travel tips

On this Mauritania shuttle information you’ll to find:

COVID-19 shuttle bans
Get in
Absolute best time to discuss with
Shuttle insurance coverage
Best stories
Helpful books
Cultural details
Is it secure
Solo feminine shuttle
Cash, funds & prices
Learn how to transfer round
Additional information

COVID-19 shuttle necessities for Mauritania

For getting into Mauritania, you’ll be able to both provide a vaccination certificates or a unfavorable PCR.

The PCR for leaving Mauritania isn’t obligatory anymore.

Shuttle Insurance coverage for Mauritania with COVID-19 protection

IATI Insurance coverage is without doubt one of the few suppliers that provides complete Coronavirus protection, no longer best relating to remedy, but in addition cancellations prices when you examined sure sooner than departure. 

And no longer best this, nevertheless it’s one of the most few insurance coverage suppliers that provides protection for touring to Mauritania.

Readers of Towards the Compass can get an unique 5% bargain.

Learn how to get a vacationer visa for Mauritania

Do you need to shuttle to Mauritania with Towards the Compass?
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These days, nearly all nationalities can get a visa on arrival in Mauritania, legitimate for 1 month.

The visa prices 55€ or 60USD, and it applies to each airports and land borders.

Some vacationers have just lately reported the immigration officer soliciting for a 20€ additional price, claiming it was once a important price to pay for buying their passport again.

Clearly, it is a rip-off and, when you revel in a identical factor, record it to the government instantly.

visa for Mauritania
My visa for Mauritania

How to enroll in a excursion in Mauritania

Touring with a gaggle and knowledgeable native information will make issues a lot more uncomplicated, and amusing!

Towards the Compass at all times has scheduled expeditions to Mauritania:

8-day expeditions the place amongst many different adventures, we can experience on most sensible of the Iron Ore Educate.

Be told extra right here about our upcoming Mauritania Excursions

Learn how to shuttle to Mauritania

Touring to Mauritania via aircraft

Nouakchott and Nouadhibou have essentially the most transited global airports, and I selected Nouakchott as a result of flights have been less expensive.

I flew to Nouakchott by means of Dakar (Senegal) with Air Senegal, however you’ll be able to to find some direct flights from Europe, particularly from France and the Canary Islands (Spain).

On the other hand, the airport of Atar – capital of the Adrar area, the place maximum touristic websites are – has direct flights from Paris and a few different French towns.

Touring to Mauritania overland

Mauritania stocks a border with:

  • Learn how to shuttle to Mauritania from Morocco (Western Sahara) – A very easy border to go, the access level being the nearest Moroccan town to Nouadhibou. This border, on the other hand, is lately closed because of COVID-19. Right here’s a border crossing record.
  • Learn how to shuttle to Mauritania from Algeria – The Algeria-Mauritania border is lately closed to foreigners because of protection issues.
  • Learn how to shuttle to Mauritania from Mali – After my go back and forth to Mauritania, I went to Mali however I flew there, since the embassy advised me the land border was once briefly closed because of COVID-19. In commonplace occasions, it’s open however do test the most recent safety replace, since maximum embassies declare the border spaces aren’t fully secure, even if all vacationers I met who crossed them stated it was once simply tremendous. Learn my Mali shuttle information
  • Learn how to shuttle to Mauritania from Senegal – An excessively transited border totally open to all vacationers, Rosso being the commonest access level, additionally notorious for its a lot of scams. As an alternative, skilled vacationers suggest going thru Diama.

Absolute best time to discuss with Mauritania

Unfold throughout probably the most driest plains within the Sahara, Mauritania would possibly simply be one in all the most up to date international locations on Earth, alongside with Sudan and Saudi Arabia, with overwhelmingly killing summers.

Individually, I will’t stand the warmth, so my recommendation is to unquestionably keep away from coming in the summertime months, the most efficient season for backpacking in Mauritania being from November to March.

I used to be backpacking in Mauritania there within the month of February and, all through the day, the solar was once already beautiful harsh, with temperatures averaging 30-35ºC.

Nights and early mornings have been more or less cold despite the fact that (15ºC), so do convey some small garments, particularly in case you are making plans to experience the Iron Ore teach.

why visit Mauritania
Overlooking the oasis of Terjit. This was once early within the morning and as you’ll be able to see, I used to be dressed in a beautiful heat sweater

Shuttle insurance coverage for Mauritania

For Mauritania, get IATI Insurance coverage:

  • Covers shuttle in Mauritania (which is unusual)
  • Some of the few suppliers with complete COVID-19 protection
  • They’ve quite a lot of other plans for every type of vacationers: from households to backpackers
  • Just right for longer term journeys (as much as 1 12 months).
  • Readers of this weblog can get a 5% unique bargain

Best Reviews in Mauritania

Using the Iron Ore teach

Each and every unmarried day of the 12 months, a 2.5km lengthy teach departs from the far flung Sahara city of Zouerat and travels 700km around the Sahara wilderness to the coastal town of Nouadhibou, transporting masses of tonnes of iron ore.

As hardcore because it sounds, vacationers can get on most sensible of the teach and shuttle alongside the 18-hour adventure.

This is without doubt one of the most sensible causes to discuss with Mauritania, and one of the most highest touring stories I’ve ever had.

Learn right here in regards to the complete revel in.

Mauritania travel guide
Using the Iron Ore teach was once greater than epic

Visiting the rawest Sahara villages

As I stated within the creation, Mauritania is a specifically uncooked nation and visiting a number of villages deep within the Sahara looks like touring again in time.

I strongly suggest Tidjikja.

Tidjikja, Mauritania
Day by day lifestyles in Tidjikja

Seeing the biggest concentrations of camels ever

From Oman to Sudan, putting out with camels has change into a very important a part of my travels around the Center East, however I feel the camel marketplace that takes position within the town of Nouakchott has the biggest focus of camels I’ve ever witnessed.

camel market Nouakchott

Exploring the vastest Sahara

Mauritania is a far-flung land house to jaw-dropping wilderness situations that just a small bunch of vacationers have had the risk to find.

travel Mauritania
The dunes close to Chinguetti

Helpful books for making plans your go back and forth to in Mauritania

West Africa shuttle information via Lonely Planet

An invaluable e book for West Africa overlanders – with a bankruptcy totally devoted to Mauritania – however keep in mind that it incorporates shuttle guides to 18 other international locations, so imagine it a small creation to the area.


The wilderness and the drum (Mbarfek Ould Beyrouk)

That is the primary Mauritanian novel to ever be translated into English and I feel it’s the one one to this point, that’s why I purchased it.

The tale is ready a Bedouin woman who falls in love with a stranger town man and the entire penalties after her tribe discovered.

To be very fair, the e book is a little bit tacky however what I favored that it will provide you with many insights into how tribal folks reside in Mauritania.


Details about Mauritania, its tradition, folks and faith

Mauritania is the place Maghreb meets Africa

Nestled between Morocco and Senegal, Mauritania is a chaotic mixture of each Maghrebis and sub-Saharan Africans, visual no longer best in folks’s facial options but in addition of their meals and the day by day lifetime of many Mauritanians.

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Usually talking, Mauritanians classify their society into 3 major teams:

  • White Moors (Beidane) – The dominant ethnic workforce, which refers to these Maghrebi-looking individuals who have lighter pores and skin, and most commonly have Arab or Berber descent.
  • Black Moors (Haratin) – Descendants of black slaves who lived within the Maghreb.
  • Sub-Saharan ethnic teams – Mauritanians who belong to African ethnicities from other portions of West Africa.

One thing you want to learn about Mauritania is that there’s a beautiful tangible structural racism, visual in all facets of lifestyles. Mauritanians have a specifically conventional society, a lot of them both have a tribal mindset or reside underneath a tribal gadget, which is why black ethnic teams are ceaselessly handled as second-class electorate, have decrease salaries and pursue low-qualified jobs, from area servants to fishermen. ‘’You’re going to by no means see a White Moor cleansing homes’’ – some locals advised me, as though they at all times felt the want to recognize to me they’re the dominant workforce. I didn’t adore it.

people Mauritania
White Moors, Ouadane

Hassaniya is the native language

Hassaniya, which is a number of Maghrebi Arabic, is the principle language in Mauritania, and within the Western Sahara as smartly.

However, languages such Pulaar, Soninke and Wolof also are identified as nationwide languages, and they’re spoken via black African Mauritanians, relying on their ethnicity.

port du peche Nouakchott
Fishermen are at all times from sub-Saharian Africa

It was a French colony, so French is tips on how to move, however English isn’t that helpful

As a former French Colony (from the past due nineteenth century to 1960), French is extensively utilized in Mauritania, particularly in Nouakchott and Nouadhibou.

Outdoor of those two towns, on the other hand, best extremely skilled folks or folks operating in hospitality talk fluent French.

English, however, was once rarely spoken via any person – no longer even in touristic auberges – and that was once a large problem for me, since my French is excellent sufficient to make myself understood however I will’t have deep conversations.

It’s a Muslim nation

99.9% of the inhabitants in Mauritania are Sunni Muslims, maximum of them being extremely dedicated to Islam.

You additionally want to know that there is not any freedom of faith and that atheism is punished with the demise sentence.

Mauritania tourism
Chinguetti Mosque, crucial mosque in Mauritania (thirteenth century), whose minaret is alleged to be the second one oldest in steady use anyplace within the Islamic global

Most of the people put on conventional garments

What I cherished about Mauritania is that everyone wears conventional garments, even younger folks from the capital.

Normally, males put on a large blue get dressed named daraa and canopy their head with a turban named shesh, which mainly approach shawl in Arabic.

I did purchase the total set in an area marketplace in Nouakchott and didn’t pay greater than 6€, however I needed to cut price.

Ladies get dressed in a standard colourful get dressed named melhafa.

Mauritania travel blog
Rocking my ”daraa” someplace in Ouadane, Mauritania

Leblouh continues to be a large deal in Mauritania

Leblouh refers back to the custom of force-feeding women when they’re very younger, most often in the ones puts the place weight problems is at once associated with attractiveness, so they may be able to get married previous.

This outdated apply has been utilized in many African international locations however in Mauritania, it’s nonetheless an overly giant factor. A couple of younger native males talked to me about this actual matter, announcing it’s a extensively used dependancy. You’re going to briefly realize that almost all Mauritanian girls are curvy.

Slavery in Mauritania
You most likely heard of Mauritania being house to the closing slavery stronghold on this planet and, to some degree, it may be true. Slavery in Mauritania was once best abolished in 1981, nevertheless it didn’t change into a real prison offense till 2007. In keeping with global media, on the other hand, slavery nonetheless exists. Slaves in Mauritania have been at all times black Africans serving their White Moor masters. While you shuttle within the north of Mauritania, you might be prone to see Bedouin households with black servants. The ones servants have been born and raised amongst the ones Bedouins however are handled as second-class members of the family, whose major function in lifestyles is being their servants. Overseas media will inform you that the ones are precise slaves, whilst native Mauritanians declare the ones individuals are loose to go away however they don’t as a result of they’re uneducated, that’s the one lifestyles they know and, mainly, they’re OK with it. Make your individual judgment.

market Nouakchott
Searching for a ”daraa” within the native marketplace of Nouakchott

Meals in Mauritania

If I ever shuttle again to Mauritania, meals gained’t almost definitely be the explanation.

Mauritania is most commonly composed of arid plains and it’s a historically nomadic society, in order that they by no means had both the elements or the inducement to have an elaborate delicacies.

However, since Mauritania is like a cultural hub with folks from Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa, you’ll be able to to find some meals selection, however you want to search for it.

Something that stunned me about backpacking in Mauritania is that it may be tough to seek out meals, cooked meals I imply.

In lots of cities and villages, there weren’t any eating places, or even in a comparatively sized-town like Tidjikja, there was once just one, and the day I went there, they stated I needed to order 3 to 4 hours prematurely. On the next day to come, I did move there early within the morning, nevertheless it by no means opened.

Don’t panic, on the other hand. Typically, maximum auberges have a day by day dish.

Issues you might be prone to consume for your go back and forth to Mauritania:

Macaroni – Common, greasy pasta with greens and meat. That’s what they fed me maximum days.

Mauritania food

Thieboudienne – That was once my favourite. It’s a standard Senegalese dish consisting of a brown, skinny rice, fish and spices.

Mauritania cuisine
Thieboudienne is a Senegalese dish however in Mauritania it’s as conventional

Moroccan cous-cous – I say Moroccan as a result of that’s what they name it. Simply common cous-cous however not anything similar to those you to find in Tunisia or Morocco.

Camel meat – Lots of the above dishes will ceaselessly include camel meat.

Tea tradition in Mauritania

Tea is an crucial a part of Mauritanian lifestyles, and an emblem of hospitality.

They’ve it in a similar fashion to neighbouring Morocco however the ritual takes longer and so they serve it with numerous foam, like within the Western Sahara.

Their tea is excellent, closely concentrated however they take such a lot time getting ready it, averaging 20-25 mins, if doing it proper.

All the way through the primary few days of your Mauritania go back and forth, it’s a beautiful cool procedure to look at however then, while you stumble upon random individuals who need to invite you for tea, be expecting to waste 40 or 45 mins of your time. As a result of this, after I overlooked the sundown and were given very disillusioned.

Alcohol in Mauritania
Mauritania is a dry nation and alcohol intake is exactly forbidden.

tea Mauritania
Getting ready tea, someplace in Nouakchott

Is it secure to shuttle to Mauritania?

For a extra complete research, learn my Mauritania protection information

Should you glance into the FCDO recommendation, you’ll see that every one Mauritania is a huge NO-GO zone.

Mauritania shuttle advisory, in step with the FCDO

Mauritania belongs to the Sahel, a area that spreads throughout Mauritania, Mali, Niger and Chad – amongst others – and some of the turbulent areas on Earth, these days house to riot teams like Al Qaeda Maghreb (AQIM) and plenty of different identical organizations.

In reality that Mauritania has in fact suffered from unlucky incidents that ended with the untimely tourism trade, nevertheless it’s additionally true that, because of an excellent degree of safety, the location in Mauritania has remained solid for a few years.

This present day, Mauritania is a secure vacation spot to shuttle.

There are some spaces close to the border with Mali and Algeria the place safety may also be a topic however that’s too far flung to head in any case.

Mauritania shuttle tip: Carry 20-30 copies of your visa & passport
If you end up touring round Mauritania, you’ll undergo never-ending checkpoints by which all foreigners will have to check in for their very own safety. In the ones checkpoints, the gendarmerie or army will ask you for a fiche, a file containing a replica of your passport and visa. Should you don’t have one, they are going to make you get off the auto and write down your whole data, losing you numerous time. Subsequently, do convey a number of copies (30, no less than). I like to recommend printing one unmarried web page with a replica of your visa and passport, together with your native telephone quantity, if any.

can you travel to Mauritania
Chinguetti is restricted via a sea of dunes

Solo feminine shuttle in Mauritania

Mauritania is a patriarchal, conservative, Muslim nation, so a girl’s revel in will vary very much from a person’s.

Alternatively, I haven’t met but a feminine traveler who has been backpacking in Mauritania via herself, so I will’t give very explicit details about it. When you have visited Mauritania as a solo girl and want to let us know about your revel in, kindly let me know.

In accordance with feminine stories in different international locations, however, listed below are a couple of observations:

  • Do be expecting some occasional harassment, however not more than standard locations, corresponding to Egypt.
  • Should you don’t have numerous solo shuttle revel in in Muslim international locations, it’s endorsed to first shuttle to extra touristic international locations corresponding to Jordan or Morocco
  • Touring in Mauritania as a solo feminine must no longer be very other from touring in Pakistan or Sudan

Web and connectivity in Mauritania

Usually, web is beautiful unhealthy in Mauritania, each Wi-Fi and web knowledge, even in Nouakchott.

Outdoor of Nouakchott and Nouadhibou I by no means discovered Wi-Fi.

Web knowledge labored OK in Atar, Tidjikja and Zouerat.

In Ouadane and Terjit, it was once nonexistent. Chinguetti was once tremendous to ship emails and easy surfing.

If you want to obtain anything else, do it in your house nation.

I purchased a Mauritel SIM card and you’ll be able to purchase additional knowledge and calls in any common grocery retailer around the nation.

Get a VPN for touring in Mauritania

You must at all times use a VPN while you shuttle, particularly while you hook up with public Wi-Fi networks.

Your connection can be a lot more secure. 

Additionally, it is possible for you to to get right of entry to content material which is most often censored in Mauritania. 

I like to recommend ExpressVPN – Extraordinarily simple to make use of, speedy and inexpensive. 

Get ExpressVPN

If you wish to be informed extra about VPN, test: Why you want a VPN for touring.

Cash, funds and prices

In Mauritania, they use the Mauritanian Ouguiya (MRU) and, roughly:


In 2018, Mauritania changed their foreign money via introducing a brand new Ouguiya with the similar worth divided via 10.

The issue is that nearly all of folks nonetheless assume within the outdated foreign money, and it’s really easy to get at a loss for words. Sometimes, it’s tough to wager by which foreign money they’re speaking about, particularly as a result of infrequently it seems to be both too reasonable or too dear, however Mauritania is an overly reasonable nation, so at all times opt for the less expensive choice

Bank cards and ATMs

You’re going to rarely discover a position the place you’ll be able to pay via card. Do at all times have money.

Société Generale is the preferred financial institution amongst foreigners for taking flight cash. I feel it’s the one person who accepts global bank cards. You’ll be able to to find reasonably a couple of branches in each Nouakchott and Nouadhibou.

Outdoor of those two major towns, ATMs are scarce, so take into accout to convey sufficient money.

Exchanging cash

There are a number of trade places of work within the town middle (Capital space). On the other hand, I exchanged in lots of auberges at an appropriate charge.

How a lot does it value to shuttle in Mauritania?

Costs of the commonest issues:

  • Complete meal in an area position: 150MRU
  • Complete meal in fancier puts: from 250-350MRU
  • Foods in auberges: 200-300MRU
  • Speedy meals (sandwich): 70MRU
  • Espresso in an area position: 40MRU
  • Espresso in a complicated café: 80MRU
  • Bottle of water (75cl): 10MRU
  • Native shared taxi inside of Nouakchott: 10MRU
  • Bus from Nouakchott to Tidjikja: 700MRU
  • Native automotive from Tidjikja to Atar: 700MRU
  • Native automotive from Atar to Chinguetti: 200MRU

Backpacking in Mauritania – Moderate day by day funds

35€ an afternoon

Mauritanian notes have camels in them

Learn how to to find lodging in Mauritania

In Mauritania, there are lots of lodging choices however, outdoor of the principle towns, they most commonly include fundamental campsites and auberges. Additionally they include a big number of nonsensical costs. When I paid 20€ for a creepy hut and the next day to come I paid 4€ for the same high quality room.

In Nouakchott, in case you are the cheap traveler, I strongly suggest Triskell Hostel, run via Sebastien, a French guy who has been dwelling in Mauritania for a very long time.

Additionally, in Nouakchott, you’ll be able to to find inns appropriate for any pockets.

Outdoor of Nouakchott, you’ll hardly to find anything else on the web.

Beneath is an inventory of probably the most puts I stayed at:

  • Tidjikja – Auberge Caravane du Desolate tract – Very fundamental rooms with non-public toilet. 1,000MRU for a double room
  • Terjit – Chez Jamel – A tended camp. It’s beautiful fundamental nevertheless it’s smartly looked after. 300MRU for a tent
  • Ouadane – Auberge Vasque – That is the most efficient position I stayed in Mauritania. Blank, the one auberge with sizzling water and a comfy bed. 1,200MRU for a double room
  • Chinguetti – Auberge Zarga – Extraordinarily fundamental and really grimy however the proprietor appears to be one of the most few folks on the town who’s used to coping with vacationers. 150MRU for a dorm-bed
    Zouerat – Tiris Lodge – Elementary lodge and dear however no longer many choices in Zouerat. 1,500MRU for a double room
  • Nouadhibou – Lodge Esma – A right kind, trendy lodge. Best for many who arrive in Nouadhibou after using the Iron Ore Educate. 2,000MRU for a double room with breakfast

For a extra detailed clarification of some of these puts, don’t put out of your mind to test my Mauritania shuttle itinerary

Learn how to transfer round Mauritania

Touring round Mauritania with a rented car

If I ever discuss with Mauritania once more, I will be able to hire a 4×4. In truth, one of the most issues I feel sorry about about visiting Mauritania is that I didn’t get deep into the wilderness. I imply, I did discuss with far flung Sahara cities, however didn’t get some distance clear of civilization and major roads.

You’ll be able to simply hire a automotive in Nouakchott, or thru your most well-liked information/excursion operator.

By way of the best way, best skilled drivers must strive exploring the depths of the Mauritanian Sahara.

Touring round Mauritania via public transportation

Earlier than touring to Mauritania, I believed that shifting between Sahara cities could be difficult nevertheless it seems that every one you want is a shit load of persistence.

OMG, you’ll be able to’t believe what number of hours I wasted looking ahead to a bus/automotive to go away.

Normally, native 4×4 pick-ups is the most popular approach of transportation for shifting between Sahara cities. They have compatibility as much as 8 folks and depart as soon as they’re complete, but if a city is simply too far flung, it should take a couple of days to fill it up.

An area pick-up, or shared taxi, loaded with a camel

I in fact sought after to visit Tichit from Tidjikja. Upon my arrival in Tidjikja, the very first thing I did was once attempt to prepare the native pick-up to take me there. The automobile wasn’t complete but, so I waited for yet another day however not anything, they nonetheless didn’t have sufficient passengers:

Perhaps the next day, or perhaps no longer – they stated.

Within the hypothetical case I controlled to get to Tichit, there is also the chance that I needed to wait there for 3-4 additional days to return again to Tidjikja, which might suggest spending greater than every week in an overly far flung space with no longer a lot to do and the place no person spoke English, so I handed.

That is how I moved between cities:

  • Nouakchott to Tidjikja – Native buses depart early within the morning from Carrefour Madrid. It’s a 12-hour adventure.
  • Tidjikja to Terjit – Native pick-ups depart nearly day by day, however you want to prepare it at the day sooner than. It’s an epic experience over sand dunes. 10-hour adventure.
  • Terjit to Atar – An area pick-up leaves early within the morning however I controlled to affix a experience after looking ahead to greater than 2 hours.
  • Atar to Chinguetti – A couple of pick-ups run day by day. Simple.
  • Chinguetti to Ouadane – First, you want to take a personal taxi to the Ouadane intersection and wait there for a automotive to cross via. The intersection is actually in the midst of the wilderness, and not using a web carrier and 30km from the closest civilization. I waited for like 3 hours.
  • Ouadane to Zouerat – An excessively lengthy experience. First, you will have to prepare an area pick-up that can take you to Atar, which most often leaves at 7am. As soon as in Atar, I needed to look forward to about 5 hours for a bus to go away to Zouérat.
roads in Mauritania
Extra ceaselessly than no longer, that sand has actually swallowed the street

Additional information for touring in Mauritania

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visit Mauritania

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