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GROHE’s digital platform GROHE X has launched its first podcast with a focus on sustainability with a series of new topic-specific episodes to be released every month. The podcast will cover subjects such as water, resources, the circular economy, and the sustainable building industry. Podcast host Marcella Hansch, CEO of the everwave foundation, has been dedicated to creating healthy oceans and rivers for years and her foundation puts emphasis on environmental education. Everwave cleans rivers and protects the sea from plastic through its use of clean-up technologies, fighting the waste crisis and supporting our ecosystems. In the six-episode podcast series Hansch talks to scientists, entrepreneurs, and decision-makers about their fields of expertise.

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In line with the motto of the podcast, dialogue is at the heart of the new format. The goal of ‘Together For Sustainability’ is to serve as a platform for sharing insights to create renewed motivation. Instead of doomsday scenarios, listeners are informed about specific topics, impactful solutions and inspiring projects that demonstrate how the climate crisis can be tackled.

“If you want to save and protect something, you need to know it. And if you know something, or you love it, then you can protect it,” says Hansch about the intention behind the podcast and the importance of education and dialogue as the motivation for progress. She explains the objective is “not to tell people you did wrong things, but showing people to motivate them, to inspire them and to say, ’you can change the world!’. If we work all together, we really can make a change.”

The first episode of the podcast investigates the ocean and its potential for solutions to the climate crisis. Covering most of the Blue Planet, it is not only significantly impacted by global warming, but is also increasingly becoming an area of focus for new solutions at leader discussions such as COP27. Hansch and her guest, oceanographer and climate scientist Prof. Dr. Martin Visbeck, who are both part of the committee of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, discuss how they aim to make a tangible impact on the ocean. From the digitisation of the ocean, and its importance for carbon storage and absorption, to providing knowledge for decision-makers and promoting education and engagement.

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