EDITORIAL: Shipping minister has the blues

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Every time Transportation Minister Omar Alghabra talks about who’s answerable for the continuing issues at Canada’s airports, he reminds us of John Belushi’s persona, “Joliet” Jake Blues, within the 1980 comedy hit The Blues Brothers.

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An increasing number of panicked as an armed “thriller lady” performed by way of Carrie Fisher angrily confronts him in a dank, underground passageway about why he dumped her on the altar, he turns into increasingly more frantic:

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“ I really like you, child!” he says.

“I wouldn’t depart you! It wasn’t my fault! … Truthful, I ran out of fuel, I had a flat tire! I didn’t have the funds for for cab fare! My tux didn’t come again from the cleaners! An outdated good friend got here in from out of the town! Somebody stole my automobile! There used to be an earthquake, a horrible flood! Locusts! It wasn’t my fault, I swear to God!”

It ends neatly, a minimum of for Jake.

The Blues Brothers: Dan Aykroyd (Elwood), left, and the late John Belushi (Jake).
The Blues Brothers: Dan Aykroyd (Elwood), left, and the past due John Belushi (Jake).

She sooner or later buys his implausible excuses, drops the gun, Jake sweeps her into his palms for a kiss, then drops her to the bottom whilst he and his brother, Elwood Blues, performed by way of Dan Aykroyd, get away.

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When Alghabra used to be first requested about large delays at airports in Might, he stated out-of-practice air travellers had been accountable.

“Removing the laptops, casting off the fluids — all that provides 10 seconds right here, 15 seconds there,” Alghabra advised journalists.

He added staffing problems at The Canadian Air Shipping Safety Authority (CATSA), a federal Crown company answerable for safety screening of passengers, luggage and airport employees. contributed to delays, even supposing he stated that wasn’t the principle explanation why as a result of CATSA’s group of workers used to be at 90% of pre-pandemic ranges whilst trip quantity used to be beneath 70%.

However as The Canadian Press reported on the time:

“The top of the Canadian Airports Council disagrees, calling personnel ranges the No. 1 impediment.”

We ask for forgiveness, however this video has did not load.

Attesting prior to the Commons delivery committee 3 months afterward Friday, Alghabra blamed COVID-19 for delays and defended the federal government’s ArriveCan app as serving to to scale back wait occasions.

Closing month, because of a glitch, it advised 10,200 travellers to quarantine for 10 days after they didn’t have to take action.

Alghabra is by no means only answerable for ongoing issues at our airports.

However on every occasion he talks about them, he reminds us of Joliet Jake Blues.


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