A Particular Rainbow Trout Recipe – Salt Baked Trout

A Particular Rainbow Trout Recipe – Salt Baked Trout

I frequently flick as a result of a menu in a cafe, pondering I seriously extravagant some fish, but all that is accessible is dry fish in a white non-descript sauce, or simply just fried baked or grilled fish with lemon and butter. Now, to be genuine, I do actually love these procedures of cooking/ serving fish. A single of my favorite rainbow trout recipes is to simply just bake the trout in foil with butter and lemon. Having said that, this is not exactly complicated cooking and I like to encounter a thing various and special when in a restaurant.

There have nevertheless, been instances when I have flicked via a menu and discovered one thing truly distinctive and interesting. The previous time I experienced just one of these one of a kind and exciting culinary ordeals was in a cafe in Sofia in Bulgaria. The restaurant was serving salt baked trout.

The fish was served with a seriously delicious couscous and salad, but the principal attraction and star of the exhibit was the delightful, moist and abundant trout.

Subsequent to the piscatorial experience in Sofia, I have tried to recreate the lovely trout recipe. I have discovered that baking in a crust of salt retains the fish beautifully moist and definitely enhances its flavour. Even so, I have under no circumstances quite managed to recreate the perfection of that dish. The subsequent recipe is the closest that I have received to the dish.

Components (serves 2)

  • 1 trout about 500g in pounds
  • 800g coarse sea salt
  • zest of a lemon
  • zest of a lime
  • 400g egg whites
  • 75g plain flour
  • additional-virgin olive oil


Change on your oven and established to about 175 degrees. Cleanse and descale the trout, leaving on the head and tail.

Mix the salt lime zest, lemon, egg white and flour into a bowl. Put the salt combination in the base of an oven dish that is the appropriate dimensions and condition for the fish, the mixture really should be about 50 % an inch thick.

Location the bass on the salt combination and address with the remaining salt mixture. Enure that that all parts of the fish are included.

Bake in the oven for 38 minutes. The moment cooked a challenging salt crust will have shaped more than the fish. At the time eliminated from the oven, carefully break and eliminate the crust and pores and skin, using out any big bones when the succulent flesh flakes as you transfer to a plate to serve.

This recipe goes beautifully with a nice fresh new salad with a drizzle of further virgin olive oil. Alternatively this could be served with some fresh seasonal veggies and homemade tartar sauce.

This really is a wonderful fish recipe and I would strongly recommend that you test it.

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